15 Best Putlocker Alternatives 2020 & How To Access Them Safely

When it comes to streaming content on websites for free, there is a plethora of them to choose from on the internet. It’s difficult to choose a website that will let you quickly access whatever you need at a high quality, be it documentaries, videos, or even movies and TV shows. Out of all the available websites, Putlocker is a website that stands out and has a massive audience using its services; however, cyber law enforcement and companies are always working to take it down – this means that one day the website could be working just fine and the next it could disappear off the internet.

You must be worried about what you’ll do if your go-to streaming website is no longer functioning. Well, there is no need to stress because we have your back with our pick of 15 websites that provide the same services as Putlocker!

Top 15 Alternatives For Putlocker




123Movies, just like Putlocker, is a website that is widely recognized on the internet as being one of the best streaming websites and no rundown of streaming websites can be complete without it.

This website has an efficient team that cares about customer satisfaction and, while these may be minute details that we don’t notice immediately, they subconsciously affect our streaming experience like grammatical errors and typos in the descriptions that just give a phony feel to a platform. 123Movies is careful enough to present a professional image.

123Movies has many mirror websites like 123MoviesLa or GoMovies123, all of which are operated by the same company so users don’t have to search for a new interface if one of them gets temporarily shut down; hence, they will always have a similar website with all the latest content in the same format right at their fingertips.

Even a popular site like Putlocker is known to upload grainy or low-quality content that just wouldn’t have made the cut at 123Movies, who ensure super-fast streaming options despite all their videos being 1080p quality. Yes, it may seem hard to believe but all the top-rated movies, international content, cartoons, and TV shows are all available here and don’t need any kind of registration either.


  • Large streaming library
  • High quality videos
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • No registration needed
  • Friendly user-interface


  • Annoying search function




Mostly, streaming content on the internet is about being on the teetering edge of the law and can result in major fines due to copyrighted material – Sony Crackle puts that worry to rest.

It’s available only in the US and you don’t even need to register to access all the original Sony content. Browsing through their organized platform is like a dream thanks to their fantastic search engine and you can always find interesting movies and TV shows if you are bored of mainstream trends.

You might be of the opinion that, since the website is owned by Sony, it will have a lot of restrictions and you won’t be able to find content of all genres, but that is not the case. There is a wide variety available for all kinds of taste.


  • Entire Sony catalog
  • Legal streaming
  • High-quality videos
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • No registration required
  • Friendly user-interface and search engine


  • Only available in the US without VPN




SolarMovie is like the new kid on the block and it fits in just fine with the big players. Slowly gaining popularity, we predict that this will soon be one of the more popular names in the industry.

While you don’t need to sign up to view any of their content, making an account on their website will let you personalize your watching list and give you constant updates on which of the latest movies have been added to the platform.

Free websites tend to make money off of advertisements and SolarMovie is no exception.

Despite their amazing user-interface and satisfyingly specific search engine, you might find yourself as a user asking yourself: are these many ads really worth it? It displays pop-up ads after each click and even side notifications of sketchy online scams despite having an ad blocker actively working.

We would recommend using this website with a strong VPN that protects your system against malware and has a tougher ad blocking ability.


  • Growing streaming library
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • No registration required
  • Personalized streaming experience with sign up
  • Friendly user-interface and search engine


  • Too many advertisements




If you are a fan of the classics and have a soft spot for past TV hits, then this forum is for you.

You won’t find any of the latest content here but the large variety of old movies and TV shows that you have probably forgotten is sure to be a welcome surprise, not to mention that the Popcornflix original content varies over all genres and is completely legal.

The site does have some major setbacks like a very tedious buffering flaw and the site will refuse to display anything unless you disable your ad blocker. Strangely, you don’t need to disable your ad blocker if you use a VPN to connect to it via US servers.


  • Old media library
  • Popcornflix original content
  • No registration required
  • Friendly user-interface and search engine


  • Sketchy advertisements
  • Slow streaming
  • Have to disable ad blocker




When it comes to finding a wide variety ranging from telenovas, anime, and even documentaries, TubiTV provides all.

Unlike most sites that limit themselves to basic forms of entertainment like movies, this site will give you everything that you could ever want; its high-quality videos, fast streaming abilities, and the sleek dark interface is appealing and provides you with the best experience.

Although the site asks you to disable any ad blockers, there are hardly any ads and it gives an overall smooth experience.

The most amazing thing about this platform is not their website, but the many applications they offer.

They really put themselves a level above others by releasing an app that is compatible with the Amazon App Store, the Google Play Store, and even the Apple Store and hence can be accessed on all devices like your desktop and smartphone.

Streaming content for free has never been handier.


  • Large streaming library
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • No registration required
  • App available for desktop and cellphones
  • Friendly user-interface and search engine


  • Have to disable ad blocker before use




You may be wondering whether there are any ad-free sites out there; can you stream without constant pop-ups irritating you? Well, GoStream is the site for you!

The platform offers high quality streaming in 720p and, since there are no annoying pop-ups, your movie will play automatically when you click on it.

The website is compatible with all browsers on any device and will work equally well no matter what brand of gadget you own – this seems like a dream site, but don’t be too hasty because GoStream has a very limited library.

With a major focus on mainstream Hollywood movies, it offers almost no international titles and hosts zero TV shows. With no documentaries, no anime, and no series, this is the definition of an exclusive movie forum.


  • No advertisements
  • High quality streaming
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • No registration required
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers


  • Limited Library




IMDb TV is an Amazon-owned platform that needs a registration process for a special IMDb account before you can access any free movies. IMDb has original content that is difficult to find anywhere else on the internet but also has all the latest TV shows and movies that you could ever hope to find.

Since it is owned by a major business tycoon like Jeff Bezos, you can be confident that this website will not be shut down any time soon.

Like TubiTV, this too has an application that is available on Google Play Store for your gadgets.

It is an already integrated part of Amazon devices like the Amazon Firestick. Both the website and the app have a great interface that anyone can easily get used to; however, it is a bit unfair that US citizens alone can benefit from this platform – a good VPN of course can solve this problem for us.


  • Large library
  • High quality streaming
  • IMDb originals
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • Easy to use


  • Registration required
  • Only available in the US without a VPN




The idea behind StreamM4u is that videos will be made available to you no matter what. They have a great customer service program and aim to provide whatever their audience demands.

All the genres and viewing categories that you can imagine are easily available here and if you don’t have something specific in mind to watch, you can use their highly efficient sorting system to filter what kind of show or movie you are looking for.

If you do choose a movie and it doesn’t play, this forum offers a list of backup servers for each video so that you can use any of the other options instead of being disappointed.

The websites facilitate extremely fast streaming and you will hardly face any lags while playing.

A major flaw of this platform is a very peculiar response when you click the play button to start the movie: it simply does not register the first click! The movie will start playing after a few clicks and, while this may not seem like a big deal, it can really get on your nerves.


  • Large streaming library
  • High quality streaming
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • No registration required
  • User-friendly search engine


  • Lags while starting a movie
  • Lots of ads




You might watch international entertainment while learning a new language or maybe you just prefer diverse content; however, you might not be able to find a good website that offers a large variety of international movies or shows and if you do, they might not have subtitles.

This is a dilemma we can all relate to and that is why we have found LosMovies to be the perfect solution. This site has content from all around the globe, in hundreds of different languages, available with perfectly synched audio.

It is only a matter of time before you get tired of mainstream Hollywood movies and go on a hunt for more diverse content; LosMovies makes this easy with its user-friendly search engine and filters that help connect you to the perfect new movie for you. This website is has many incessant pop-up advertisements and there is just no limit to them, so we recommend equipping yourself with a tough ad blocker.


  • Diverse library
  • High quality streaming
  • Fast streaming
  • No registration required
  • Synched subtitles available


  • Many pop-up advertisements
  • Needs an ad blocker




Most streaming websites have similar interfaces with only slight variations but FMovies provides a whole new user-interface that sets it apart in the industry. Instead of a bombardment of color and noise, they have a minimal look that is refreshing and allows for easy browsing.

Also, unlike most sites, there are very limited ads on this website and almost no annoying pop-ups, despite being supported by ads alone.

It is easy to understand why FMovies has gained popularity so quickly within the community, especially when you consider the high quality content and fast streaming it provides.

FMovies cares about its users, so it has created multiple mirror websites, all of which are operated by the same company.


  • Limited advertisements
  • High quality streaming
  • Fast video streaming
  • Don’t need to register
  • Easy to use


  • Limited library



Vudu is another site that requires registration. When signing up, you only need to provide your email address and name and you can then use almost all their services.

Their free site offers a large variety across all types of genres, so there is almost no need to upgrade to their paid program.

You just have to watch a short ad before your selected video starts playing and then it becomes an ideal streaming experience; however, if you want an ad-free experience, you can sign up for their nominal paid program that unlocks even more video content for you.

You can also use a VPN to change your virtual location to widen your free movie access.

However, the platform has a very basic search bar for direct browsing and contains no filters or categories to help you find something if you don’t have a specific title in mind.


  • Single ad per video
  • High quality streaming
  • Super-fast streaming facility
  • Compatible with all devices


  • Only a basic search engine
  • Registration required
  • Needs payment to unlock all content


Pluto TV

Sometimes we don’t just want to watch movies and TV shows, so Pluto TV offers kids shows, live TV, and even sports broadcasts; this is a great service to widen the variety of content you watch at high quality.

With Pluto TV, you don’t even need access to a traditional television set and cable services because it offers high-quality, direct live streaming to your mobile device or desktop.

However, as you can see from the message displayed above, it is impossible to access this service from most locations around the world except limited access points like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, or Austria; of course using a VPN with any of these server locations will help overcome this problem immediately.

Even after gaining access to this platform, you will still face some navigation issues so it’s not our favorite forum.


  • Large variety of movies
  • High quality streaming
  • No registration required
  • All device compatible


  • Navigation issues
  • Access in limited locations without VPN



Movies give us joy and we always want more of them; this is exactly the thought process MoviesJoy’s owners and they make sure that the platform is regularly updated with all the new hits with very limited ads, so you hardly feel their annoying presence as you stream.

It has an attractive interface that is easy to navigate around in and so you can easily find something interesting to watch. While you can find a large variety of American content on this forum, there are close to no international titles for diversity.

If you are someone who likes to view their movies on a smartphone, there is good news for you because the website works just as well on a smaller screen as it does on the desktop.


  • Large library of American content
  • Limited ads
  • High quality streaming
  • No registration required
  • All device compatible


  • Limited diversity in streaming content



YesMovies is definitely for those of us who want to step away from more mainstream media, and perhaps even explore educational entertainment; yes, that includes documentaries.

While this site doesn’t have a large library consisting of millions of titles, it does offer unique categories with wonderful jewels of content that you can’t uncover in larger libraries.

It has an innovative search engine perfect for its unique content that helps you easily identify what would be more suited to your taste.


  • Unique categories
  • High quality streaming
  • No registration required
  • Innovative interface and search engine


  • Limited library



CONtv stays true to its name and mainly hosts horror, science fiction, and cult films. With this platform, you have access to martial arts, superheroes, gaming, and fantasy genres of the filming industry.

Most websites focus on mainstream content so having a site that caters to your specific choice of viewing is very refreshing.

The most interesting feature that this forum offers, something all the geeks out there will support, is live viewing of Comic-Con events! The only thing that’s a little off-putting is that you do have to sign up for their services and, again, it is only available in the US.


  • Specialized science fiction library
  • Streams comic-con events
  • High quality streaming
  • Fast streaming speed
  • Easy to navigate


  • Limited library
  • Registration required
  • Only available in the US without VPN


Streaming Can Be Risky Business!

Virtually, it may seem like streaming is harmless, especially when compared to torrent, where you are downloading and uploading content from the internet. Your computer can get infected with a virus or hacke; you could have your personal information stolen from right under your nose and even get money stolen from! Of course there are some legal issues with streaming online as well. We have discussed all of these in detail below.

  1. Malware Risks

You should always be careful when accessing anything on the internet but especially when it comes to streaming websites. There is often malicious software attached to the unknown pop-up advertisements and it can wreak havoc on your computer system. You can never know when a pop-up is corrupted and it will in turn infect your computer.

  1. Data Safety

The same pop-up advertisements can be ploys used by hackers so they can gain unauthorized access to your computer files. When you are streaming without security, it is like presenting yourself on a silver platter to hackers. They can use this information to easily gain access to your devices and use the information to whatever advantage they seek.

  1. Sketchy Phishing Ads

While viewing content online we often see all sorts of advertisements on the sides or as pop-ups; sometimes, they are very enticing like telling us we can win a lottery for a million dollars, or play a simple game and get a mansion. However, such things are always scams to get unsuspecting viewers to plug in their banking information, through which they will be able to access your savings. Every year many people fall prey to such tactics and all their hard-earned money gets stolen from right underneath their noses.

  1. Legal Troubles

While all the above risks are very real and are a constant threat, they are still very small compared to the legal trouble using streaming websites can get you in. Most viewing content on the internet is copyrighted material; large companies that don’t want their product to be shared around so easily usually own all popular movies and TV shows. While streaming itself is not a crime, streaming such files definitely is. Internet service providers constantly monitor such websites and then take legal action against people taking part in such activities, resulting in hefty fines of up to 100,000 US dollars.


How to Stay Safe While Streaming

  1. Find Viewing Content on Legitimate Sites

Most popular websites like 123Movies and FMovies have a respectful reputation and ensure that the advertisements they place are malware free. Instead of just using random torrent websites, use trusted forums.

  1. Anti-Virus

As we mentioned earlier, it is hard to tell whether a malware is riding along a pop-up advertisement. The only way to ensure that your computer does not get infected is to have active anti-virus software that automatically blocks any suspicious activity before it can even hope of reaching its destination. The anti-virus will report any sort of malware content and remove it before your entire computer has to pay the price.

  1. Legal Viewing Content

Yes, this may be surprising but there is legal content out there like independent movies for free viewing, older content that is now free, and original movies made by some streaming services like Popcornflix and IMDb. Avoiding any material from copyright holders is always a good way to avoid legal troubles.

  1. Use a VPN

Using a VPN service is the easiest way of staying safe from hackers and legal troubles. Let’s be honest, hardly any of us actually use websites like Putlocker to view non-copyright materials but it is nearly always for the latest movies or TV shows. A VPN works to hide your IP address and location from the hackers and also encrypts your internet search so that the internet service providers can’t detect which sites you are visiting; this is extremely useful for unlocking websites that are not available in your area and even expand their streaming library because websites ofter different content for different locations. A good VPN will be equipped with a specialized anti-virus so you don’t have to invest in one separately. They are also great for avoiding 100,000 US dollars’ worth of fines in return for a very nominal monthly fee; not to mention, they maintain your personal security, allowing you to freely use the internet to your heart’s content.


NordVPN – Best VPN Service You Can Use

NordVPN is a high-level security VPN that works best for streaming content online. It has unlimited bandwidth that ensures maximum streaming speed and the ideal viewing experience. They also use a superior encryption method to keep all your internet searches secure from prying eyes and is almost impossible to crack.

This VPN is compatible with all devices on the market: Windows, Mac, and Android. Hence, no matter what kind of operating system your device is running, this VPN can offer protection to everyone at a very nominal price point. They have a strict log policy and do not store any user data on their servers, so there is no way your personal information will get leaked when there will be no records of it at all.

The best thing about this VPN is that it has a strong built-in ad blocker that will even deny the advertisements from popping up in the first place. It even has an anti-virus in case some pop-ups manage to get through its radar, which is specialized against blocking malware from the pop-ups so your computer will be safe while you enjoy your movie.


  • Includes an ad blocker
  • Has anti-virus software
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sophisticated encryption
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Has a zero logs policy


  • Can’t specify city in-app


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will using a VPN slow down my internet connection?

On the contrary, using a VPN can actually boost your internet surfing speed. Sometimes, the internet service providers throttle traffic to certain websites including streaming sites that results in buffering but you can avoid this with a VPN.

  1. What other services can I access with a VPN?

Using a VPN isn’t only great for accessing streaming websites but you can unlock other websites as well. This includes torrent websites, games, and ever platforms that are limited to certain countries; this also includes social media services. A good VPN makes sure that you are not limited by any blocks.

  1. Are there any other VPN services other than NordVPN?

A quick internet search will reveal that there is actually a wide variety of VPN services but NordVPN is definitely a top choice because it provides the best value for money. It has services that you can find inexpensive software but is budget-friendly enough to be perfect for all types of users.



Streaming content online is very common now and there are new websites popping up every day with more options. Popular options like Putlocker are repeatedly shut down, so we have to find alternatives to keep us entertained. While it may seem all fun and games, it can turn very nasty very quickly so it’s important to security measures and NordVPN will do the job for you as it offers specialized protection for this exact purpose while also being budget-friendly.


The 10 Best SolarMovies Alternatives & How To Access Them Safely


Why spend so much money on a movie or television show that you are probably planning to watch once when you can watch anything you like for absolutely free online? From movies, television shows to cartoons and anime; everything is available online to stream for free.

As people continue to watch movies and television shows with immense passion, numerous platforms have been created to serve this purpose.

Countless websites claim to provide the safest, ultimate viewing experience when, in reality, only a few of these websites keep their promises. Most commonly, due to legal complications, these websites keep coming and going.

SolarMovies is one of the best online streaming websites, but it is certainly not the only one. Do not panic the next time your trusted online streaming website, SolarMovies is shut down because we have gathered a list of the most excellent most popular streaming websites similar to Solarmovies that are available on the internet right now.

However, many of these websites are not safe to use and can pose significant risks for your device, privacy, and security, while some simply do not function.

But don’t worry, we have a solution for that too: VPNs. VPNs are crucial when it comes to streaming free content online. We recommend always using a VPN when accessing such content on websites. This guide discusses them in detail later, as well.

The 10 best SolarMovies Alternatives

With so many streaming websites available on the internet, most of which are unsafe and typically non-functional, choosing a site to stream content effortlessly can be quite the hassle. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular, best designed, and highly recommended websites for streaming content online with ease.



Gomovies bears such a resemblance to Solarmovies that it is often mistakenly referred to as a Solarmovies mirror website. Gomovies features the same library of movies and television shows as Solarmovies. You will find all sorts of content, ranging from scary horror movies to adventure packed action movies.

The website is updated regularly, and so it keeps you up to date with film and television shows by displaying the newest releases on top. The content is organized by genre, title, and IMDB ratings to help you decide what to watch.

Gomovies has a basic design, which makes the website convenient for users. The Gomovies website includes an additional feature: the night mode. It allows you to reverse the color scheme to colors that are easier on the eyes. The site requires no sign-ups or registration and is completely free.



Putlocker TV is one of the oldest and most liked online streaming websites. When 123movies shut down back in 2018, Putlocker readily gained popularity, driving in about 800,000 visitors per day. I

n terms of safety, the site is protected and secured, allowing you to stream content online without worrying.

Putlocker’s basic design and well-categorized content make it super easy to use for all people. Putlocker displays an epic collection of movies and television shows, from old classics to trending new releases with genres ranging from Crime, Horror, Mystery, and Drama, Romance, and Comedy.

You can also find other sorts of entertainment like cartoons and anime on Putlocker. It offers subtitles, audio descriptions, and audio selection options.

Their release date, popularity organize movies and television shows, and reviews to make browsing easier. The website also offers videos, and television shows suggestions based on your viewing history.

This feature can allow you to discover more movies that are similar to the ones you enjoyed watching. Furthermore, the website is entirely free, and you are not required to sign up to access the movies and television show library.



Everybody loves watching good movies and television shows—this reason why we are always looking for better websites for streaming content online. YesMovies has earned its place amongst cinema lovers because of the wide variety of movies and television shows it offers. The website’s main page is quite minimalistic, having a full search bar right in the center.

The movie and television show database is organized by genre, date, and country of origin, and their IMDB ratings and reviews, making it super convenient for users.

YesMovies allows you to watch trailers and offers deep insights about the movie, such as reviews, cast, plot, and movie quality. YesMovies hosts a wide range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

The website is free of cost and does not require you to sign up or register. With such an extensive library of films and television shows, YesMovies is appropriate for users of all ages.



YifyMovies hosts a massive library of movies and television shows with various popular genres like Horror, Romance, and Drama. From old forgotten films to the latest releases in the world of Hollywood and Bollywood, YifyMovies has everything you need.

It is one of the best online movie streaming websites for watching the latest videos and television shows in HD quality. YifyMovies has a well-organized library with television shows and films categorized by ratings, time and date of release, and genre.

It also offers details such as duration, plot description, and cast lists for all movies and television shows. The types include action, biography, crime, horror, romance, and comedy. Some new genres are Kung Fu, sport, anime, and history.

The main page of the website shows trending movies, television shows, and new releases.

The site recommends movies and shows based on your recently watched list. The website also includes a list of the top-rated shows and movies on IMDB. If you want to brag to your friends about cool new television shows and movies, go to YifyMovies.

You do not have to create an account or set up a payment plan. All you need to do is search for the movie or show you want to watch, or simply click on a suggested video and press play.

You can also adjust your viewing experience by turning on subtitles and choosing audio selection accordingly. YifyTV offers high-definition movies and television shows in 27 different languages! The website is free and does not require you to sign up or log in.



This newly emerging online streaming website is known for its convenient and straightforward layout. It displays top trending movies and most viewed movies on the front page.

If you still fail to choose a movie or show, do not worry. MovieWatcher features a vast collection of films and television shows in 720p and 1080p.

It enables users to easily download movies and television shows for an offline viewing experience.

The website is free and does not require you to register or log in to access its massive library. MovieWatcher implicates movies and television shows from trusted content providers and offers several alternative streaming and downloading locations.



WatchFree provides everyone with access to movies and television shows without charging anything in return. Its simple layout with a search bar allows you to search for a specific film, or you could browse through the incredible collection of movies and television shows organized by their genre, IMDB ratings, date of release and time, and country of origin.

The website is user-friendly and convenient as it allows users to browse through an extensive collection of movies and select a video only by clicking on it. It features subtitles, audio descriptions, and language selection options to make your viewing experience comfortable. The website does not require you to sign up or register to watch a movie or show.



ZMovies is host to a great variety of genres, including action, animation, biography, comedy, crime, drama, and romance. It offers new types, such as sport, war, history, and western.

The website’s main page displays a variety of top trending movies, allowing you to choose from several options.

The website’s basic design makes it super easy to use, and its categorized library of films and television shows rightly makes it one of the best online streaming websites. It is entirely free to use and does not require signing up or logging in.



MovieFlixter’s minimalist design compacts useful information to display for viewers. Its main page displays trending movies and television shows with viewer ratings and reviews to help you decide whether you want to watch it.

You can simply type in the name of the show or movie you want to watch in the search bar and play it to view it.

If you are looking for something to watch, browse through the library categorized by title, genre, ratings, and reviews. It shows you popular, frequently observed movies and television shows.

You will find something worthwhile to watch here. The website is cost-free and does not ask you to sign up or log in.




Movie4K allows you to watch full movies and television shows in High-definition quality. It is host to an extensive library of entertainment sources such as movies and television shows that you can watch for free.

It has genres that range from comedy, romance, drama, and thriller, crime, and horror.

The website allows you to choose between streaming quality options such as 350p, 720p, 1080p, and Blu-ray. It features subtitles, audio descriptions, and language selection. It can support several languages.

The website’s simple design and layout make it very easy to access and use. It is very convenient as it does not ask you to sign up or log in.



123movies is perhaps one of the most popular streaming websites right now. It is quite famous for its easy-to-use interface and a massive collection of television shows and movies with genres ranging from Action, Crime, Drama, Comedy, and Romance.

The website offers videos and presentations from different countries such as France, Japan, India, Germany, and the United States. The content is organized by genre with details such as rating, duration, and includes a short plot description for each selection.

The website’s main page shows trending movies and shows and new releases, and it also makes movies and shows recommendations based on your recently watched list.

You do not have to create an account or set up a payment plan. You can also adjust your viewing experience by turning on subtitles and choosing audio selection accordingly.

123movies also lets you download full English movies in HD easily, without requiring to sign up or set up payment options.

What is a VPN & Why You Should Always Use One To Access Solarmovie Alternative Websites

Online streaming websites make viewing experience incredibly convenient, but they come with a lot of risks. They include suspicious advertisements that could lead to viruses and malware. Legal websites can also contain unwanted malware.

VPNs secure your online experience. A Virtual Private Network allows you to create secure connectivity with another network on the internet. VPNs protect your IP address, location, and your browser activity from malicious content and hackers.

It prevents hackers from accessing your private data and money. VPNs also allow you to stream fast and seamlessly. It is essential to use a VPN when accessing such websites.

Your internet activity is visible by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and they might share your data with third parties. It is vital to protect your data from others, especially when it comes to browsing or downloading from such websites.

Moreover, sites that offer pirated and copyrighted content for free are illegal in some countries such as the United States. You can be fined up to $100,000 for copyright infringement.

Here are some reasons why you should use a VPN service to encrypt your internet connection, change your IP address, and keep your relationship secure and protected.

You Can Unblock Torrenting & Free Streaming Websites

Some countries such as the United States have declared these websites illegal, and so they are blocked to access by the public within the state.

If you reside in such a country or if you are planning to visit such a region, you will need to use a VPN to access and use online streaming websites.

VPNs can unblock the site so you can use it. A good VPN should allow you to bypass government firewalls and access restricted content.

VPNs Keep You Safe

There is a risk of accidentally downloading copyrighted material, which can lead to legal issues when it comes to online streaming websites. VPNs encrypt traffic and hide your IP address allowing you to download and stream movies and television shows privately and securely.

VPNs Protect Against Malware

When you download movies from online streaming websites, there is a high chance that the content on these websites is crawling with suspicious ads that contain malware.

Malicious software can mask itself as a legitimate download, and it can stay in your device undetected for a long time. This factor allows the malware originator access to your files and data. Good VPNs come with malware blockers that identify and block suspicious and malicious content.

VPNs Prevent Throttling

Streaming content online uses a lot of bandwidth, and many ISPs identify and throttle your connection. VPNs encrypt traffic and hide your IP addresses even from internet service providers. Thus, there is a significant decrease in the throttle.

VPNs Guard Your Privacy

P2P connections allow other users to see and access your IP address. Hackers can use this information with malicious intent. They can track your location through this IP address. VPNs keep your data secure and private by masking your IP address and encrypting traffic.

There are many VPNs available online to make your online viewing experience as easy as possible. However, VPNs serve a crucial purpose in providing you with security, privacy, and protection, and so choosing an appropriate VPN is very important. We recommend using NordVPN for the easiest and safest protection when using unverified websites.


With as many as 2,600 servers meant for torrenting that optimize your downloading speed, and intricate data encryption to keep you safe from data stealers and trackers, NordVPN is assuredly one of the best VPNs out there.

ISPs significantly reduce your streaming and downloading speed, and so protected Virtual Private Networks like NordVPN can significantly increase streaming speed.

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