15 BEST Torrent Websites 2020 & How To Access Them Safely

Free online video streaming is not as easy as it looks. Whenever there is free content available on P2P sites, there is a huge chance that malware will find its way to your computer systems through there.

That is just one risk, copyright material being distributed free is also considered an illegal territory somewhat, if not entirely, and that puts you at risk for being hunted down for piracy.

However, torrents are the best way to stream online content if you find the right website and use the right VPN to access these websites.

Before we get to why and which VPN must be used to get the best of online video streaming, let’s take a look at the list of best torrent sites and how you can access them safely.

15 Best Torrent Sites


yts mx

YTS tops the list of safest and most content available when it comes to torrent websites. The current version of YTS is a successor of YIFY, founded by Yiftach Swery in 2010, the official torrent website was launched in 2011 but was banned in most countries later on.

However, by 2015 it had become the most popular torrent website on all torrent search engines. The term YIFI was rebranded in 2014 to YTS, which stands for ‘Yify Torrent Search’.

The main characteristic, which makes YTS standout amongst the gigantic sea of torrent websites, is the video content and quality it offers. YTS solely provides movies on torrent files.

It also offers much larger storage space for data with the help of smaller file sizes even of high quality HD versions of videos. Its user-friendly interface makes it more accessible for users of all backgrounds. On Alexa, YTS ranks 253 on the global list of most popular websites on the internet.


The Pirate Bay


Established in 2003, the pirate bay is one of the most favorite torrent websites being used for more than 15 years.

Its founders, Swedish organization Piratbyran, have been under constant raids and jurisdictions for breaching the copyrights of content and have served in jail along with paying heavy fines but the site remains functional despite all the jurisdiction charges against it.

The website remains functional by changing its domain name frequently and by using proxy services to provide the torrents.

The pirate bay offers a huge amount of data ranging from videos, audio files, software, movies, shows, songs, e-books, and other entertainment content that is considered illegal in almost every country anyways.

Through the pirate bay, also known as TPB, BitTorrent files can be searched for through a search bar appearing at the home page that further takes you to subcategories and you can choose the most active magnetic link from these pages. Alexa ranks 305 on the most searched for website on the internet list.




Now, this is a torrent website, which has been blocked off the Google search engine. You won’t find its link on any Google search page. This website, founded in 2007, is considered an alternative for TPB since it offers almost the same kind of data TPB does.

However, this website’s image took a major hit in 2017 when it was blocked by a malware company claiming they steal personal and financial details of people and use it against them. Later these claims turned out to be not so trustworthy, but still it damaged the website’s image somewhat.

Despite everything, 1337x has been able to maintain a steady number of users over the years due to its excellent torrent provision services and good content quality. Alexa ranks it on number 304 for the user traffic it gets amongst the most popular websites on the internet.




This is the largest Russian torrent-tracking website. After registration, you can get access to a wide variety of audio and video file torrents. This website has almost 15.8 million registered users.

However, this website has been banned in Russia since 2015. Before 2015, the registered users could only download a limited number of files every day but since then, now the number of downloads is unlimited, but there are certain rules that must be followed.

Comparatively, this website has garnered the least attention from global users but is very safe to use since it follows a strict protocol and constant data monitoring from the authorities.

This website is based on the phpBB model and the content is available under 24 categories that further divided into subcategories for the content available based on the type of content you are looking for.

After several complaints and regulations were implemented, since 2008, the pornographic content has been removed from the main page and added onto an entirely separate homepage tracker. In addition, there is a long list of content that has been banned from uploading on this torrent website due to copyright infringement. Alexa ranks this website at number 549.




Founded in 2008, this BitTorrent website has been widely banned in some of the countries due to copyright infringements. However, it is a widely used torrent site and is considered quite reliable by its users to stream high-quality audio and video content.

Currently, registrations are closed for this website. However, its proxy sites are fully functional and available due to which it ranks on number 588 on the Alexa.




This is one of the largest torrent websites dedicated to East Asian entertainment content specifically anime. NYAA was established in 2005 and now it has two main domains, i.e. .si and .cat, which rank among the top websites for torrents.

Although it has been targeted for copyright infringements but still it is one of the most popular websites for anime lovers until date. Alexa ranks this website at number 785 currently.




This torrent website is a clone of the original website torrentz2, which was established in 2003 in Finland.

However, since the original site was dissolved permanently in 2016, this clone appeared online and has since been quite a reliable source for video streaming for online users.

This clone uses the same interface as the original which was quite simple to use and easy to navigate, without requiring a registration process. This version is quite popular because it hosts torrent links to more than 75 categories of content domains. Alexa ranks this website on number 752.




EZTV founded in 2005 and dissolved in 2015, is quite a popular torrent website despite its being dissolved now due to a number of lawsuits and other reasons.

One of the major reasons for this website’s downfall has been the lack of constant volunteers to manage this site because there are no traces found of its original founders being connected to it now in any way.

This is run on a volunteer basis because it was decided to make it a non-profit website where no income could be generated from plagiarising or piracy of content.

Although this website is banned in most of the countries, it still garners millions of users through its proxy servers every year. Due to this, Alexa ranks it at number 897.




Despite being one of the recently established websites, in 2018, this French torrent website is liked a lot by its users because of a simple and user-friendly interface.

One of the key features of this website is that it allows the users to identify easily between the original and fake torrent.

This website host links to a large amount of audio and video entertainment content, especially movies, TV shows, and audiobooks. Alexa ranks this torrent website at number 944 and it gets a monthly traffic of millions of users despite it being in French.




Established in 2009, this torrent website has gained massive popularity over the years. Depending on which country you live in, this site will probably be banned in your area.

Rumors about lime torrent spreading malware have resulted in a decrease in its users worldwide but one special feature sets this torrent site apart from others and that is how they mark the verified files for the user to know that this certain file does not contain any spam or malware.

There are several mirror sites available for lime torrent and this has resulted in millions of users for this website per month. According to Alexa, this website ranks 1341 on the list of most visited websites.




Launched in 2013, zooqle is a relatively new torrent search engine. This website allows you to search for torrent links throughout the internet and other torrent websites. This website focuses more on movies and TV shows only.

This is a relatively safer website than others as it lists data directly from the movie database.

It offers millions of verified torrents with a very user-friendly interface so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without the fear of any malware attacking your system. Alexa ranks this website at 2079 number.




Although the original website kickass torrent was launched in 2008, this clone version was launched in 2016 and has been growing stronger every day.

This website has a massive database of torrents for movies, shows, music, books, games, etc. the user-friendly interface displays the age, size, number of seeders and leechers, which makes it very easy for everyone to choose the best torrent option for their streaming purposes. The original website had grown so popular that in 2024 it over ranked the pirate bay.

However, the clone website has not gained so much trust from its users but still, it has a loyal user-base, which has granted it the number 2386 globally on Alexa.



Another one of the longstanding champions in the torrent industry, established in 2007, this website is growing back after a blow to its reputation and lawsuits regarding copyrights and malware infringements in the past couple of years.

The blow to the reputation was so bad that Google and Firefox have blocked this torrent website from their database.

However, after it was proved that the malware was being spread by an affiliate and not the website hosts, it has since then regained some of its previous recognition and trust.

Now you can identify between original and fake links by going through the comments posted on each torrent link. Its status of Alexa ranking is at number 2943.



Launched in 2012, this website is an encyclopedia of all the magnet links available for torrent streaming and p2p file sharing. This allows the availability of torrents without needing a swarm of hosts.

They use a cryptographic hash to locate and identify the files instead of the actual file location therefore; they can be created and hosted by anyone from anywhere.

A BitTorrent client like Utorrent must be installed on the computer for the user to download these torrent files. The links are displayed along with the information about age, size, uploader’s information, info hash, number of seeders and leechers, etc. the comments on each link allow the user to decide on the best option of the most active torrent. Alexa ranks this website on number 3588.




Established in 2010, this website is unique because it offers to pay one dollar to each malware found by the users. This not only helps user engagement but also increases the chances of safe content being displayed on the website.

This website focuses more on movies, shows, music, and video content. Due to its malware detection strategy, this website hosts millions of verified torrent links that are safe for its users.

This website stands at number 5807 on Alexa rankings because of its millions of users visiting the website per month.


Risks Of Online Streaming Through Torrent Sites

It is quite understandable how you can be caught in a rift when it comes to accessing torrent sites that have been banned in most of the countries in the world.

This is because you are putting your personal information in a swarm of multiple users where you cannot trust anyone with the information like your credit cards, bank account details, or even your identity. Sometimes, it can also end up landing you in a lawsuit if you try to access illegal data that has been blocked by the relative authorities.

Obviously, there is a reason why torrents are considered illegal and copyrights infringements are raised repeatedly. Here are some of the risks involved in using torrents for online streaming.

  • Since the internet is filled with all sorts of information, a single misstep and miscalculation on your part can land you in a legal jurisdiction. The blocked sites are kept away from public access for a reason, so think again before you try to reach any such website without taking proper safety measures like using a VPN.

  • If you wish to keep your identity and your money safe, stay away from all blocked sites because they prove a threat to making your information vulnerable for all the hackers and government authorities to access it and use it against you. You could end up losing all your money or much worse your identity being used for cyber crimes that could land you in jail for the rest of your life.

  • You put a computer or phone, whatever you are using the internet on at risk of being attacked by malware or system viruses. This will not only make your saved information vulnerable but will also badly damage your devices. Beware of all sorts of viruses lurking on the internet; they can cost you a much bigger blow than you may have anticipated.

  • You make your information available for any bully to target it against you if you try to access blocked sites without a VPN. It costs you not only in material terms but also damages your mental health.

How To Unblock Locked Content On Torrent Sites

Once you have gone through the list of the best torrent sites available, I am sure you must be thinking about how you can block these torrent sites in your region, considering most of them are unavailable in many countries.

The easiest way is to use a proxy server. However, beware that using a proxy can put your IP address at risk and can harm your computer system through massive malware present in the database.

This happens because proxy servers only help you in getting access to the blocked website, however, since they do not alter or mask your IP address it leaves you vulnerable to hacking and spying and in some cases getting caught if you are accessing some highly confidential or illegal information.

Proxy servers are better to be used if you plan to change your region appearing in your profile so that you can access the data inserting the region where the content is not blocked or you can use it on the intranet to access these files.

Proxy servers are not safe to use because they do not provide you anonymity.

However, if you choose to use a VPN service for your computer, you can easily access all the blocked content without the fear of being caught or being spammed with malware. Let us look at how a VPN service works to offer you protection while accessing blocked content.

A VPN Service Is A Solution

A VPN works to hide all your information and data before sending it on the internet. It not only makes your identity anonymous but also hides all your activity from showing on the database.

This keeps you safe from being detected if you are downloading a torrent or accessing any blocked site. Once you send out your data using a VPN on your computer, it sends your command to an unknown server anywhere in the world and from there it takes your data to the original destination you intended. This helps in keeping your original location and identity out of the database.

This is very important as it keeps you away from all sorts of malware reaching your computer and it helps you stay out of trouble with the regulatory authorities.

Pros and Cons Of Using VPN Service


  • First, obviously, a VPN hides your identity, so this makes it safe for you to access the blocked sites.

  • It allows you to use content blocked in your region.

  • It keeps your connection secure enough to keep all your saved passwords and bank account information safe.

  • It helps in maintaining a speedy online connection without dipping the speed.

  • Even if some site is not blocked in your region, certain firewalls on the internet service providers may keep you away from accessing your desired site, VPN can help you overcome those firewalls and use unlimited access.

  • A VPN makes online streaming completely malware and hassle free.

  • It makes your gaming experience much better by giving you complete access to all gaming strategies.


  • If you are not aware of how much security your VPN service provides, this can put you at risk for being caught by overreaching the security limits on the blocked sites.

  • A good VPN service does not come free of cost. Be sure to invest in a VPN if your internet activities require and are worth the money.

  • It also depends on the kind of gadget you are using the internet on because not all devices and software are fully compatible with the VPN service you may have acquired.


NordVPN Is The Best VPN

Since every VPN offers a different level of security for p2p user interface, it is important that you make sure to choose the best VPN service that offers the maximum level of security in market compatible rates. We prefer NordVPN to all the other VPN services because of the following reasons:

  • It offers you the highest level of security for all your p2p user engagements.

  • It allows you to maintain a quality speed without affecting the security level at any point.

  • It offers customized software based on your gadget type and model.

  • It offers live chat support for all your queries whenever you need an assistance

  • It does not create any data logs therefore; it is the safest way to surf the internet.

  • Installing it on your device is very easy as it comes with customized device settings

  • It has inbuilt customization options which will make it very easy to adapt according to your ever changing needs.

I hope that these features have already made it clear how NordVPN is one of the best options available for a VPN service. However, here is a bit of an elaborate overview of some of its more efficient features that would seal the deal for you.

Server network options

NordVPN has the most expensive and ever growing network of servers. It already has thousands of network servers all over the world. You can choose your nearest server from the pin locations shown on your device to make your internet activity more efficient and secure. You can choose your own VPN server location that will offer you double VPN security. You can also do speed tests for the servers you wish to choose so that you get maximum efficiency through your VPN connection.

Onion over VPN

This feature makes it secure to tread through the internet and use all the blocked sites without getting any risk of exposure to malware or other risks.

Anti DDoS

This feature is perfect for online gamers as they will not have to worry about any unusual delays or hindrances in their gaming experience.

Double VPN

This means that your internet connection is safe double times. NordVPN achieves this by using a very high scale and technical code that is military grade against any hacking effort.

Specialized p2p Servers

Personalized p2p servers and high-speed rates are one of the reasons you can easily choose NordVPN over any other VPN service.

Dedicated IP address

When you connect to the server, you are provided with an anonymous IP address that will ensure your safety without making your activity suspicious.

Product Verdict

If you compare NordVPN to other VPN services, you will find a marked difference in increased security and better payment plans than most services being offered. Based on a comparison of speed tests and levels of security provided, it is always a good idea to invest in securing your online presence.

NordVPN offers the best security service if you look at the features mentioned above as it covers all the grounds for online security ensuring your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to browse through torrent sites?

Several different users keep on uploading on torrent sites; therefore, you can never be too sure about the safety of the data you are accessing through torrent sites. You must beware when using a torrent site as it contains malware, making it unsafe to browse through without proper safety protocols.

How can I unblock the torrent sites?

You need a proxy server or a VPN server to access the blocked torrent sites. However, since there is a reason these sites are blocked, it would be wise to use a paid VPN server to avoid any mishaps during your torrenting experience.

Why is it important to use a VPN for torrent sites?

Since most of the torrent sites are blocked in most parts of the world, it is highly likely that using a torrent site without a proper VPN service can land you in a lot of trouble. Make sure to use an effective VPN service if you wish to access torrent sites.

Would a free VPN service be enough to browse through torrent sites?

Since a VPN service requires many security benchmarks to reach, you may not find free VPN services to offer you enough security. They can be good for limited use on trial basis, but if you need to access torrent sites more regularly then it is always a good idea to invest in a VPN service which can offer you maximum security.

Is torrenting legal?

Using torrents to download or upload files is not illegal but making copyright claims on those files is illegal. Since you have not created that content yourself, you have no right to call it your own even if you are making it available online for others. In fact, uploading and using these files without proper copyright accreditation makes it an illegal act in its own right.


Although there is a great risk in using torrents to share files online, it is not entirely illegal or dangerous if you follow the protocols for using torrent sites. Primarily, look for legal torrenting sites that offer verified torrent links to reduce the risk of copyrights infringement and malware attacks. You can search through some of the above-mentioned torrent sites for best torrent links. It is always a good idea to invest in a good VPN service; we have suggested NordVPN based on our observation of the features it offers. A good VPN service will keep you surfing through torrent sites safely.