10 Best RARBG Torrent Alternative That Work & How To Access Them Safely

The internet hosts a wide spectrum of data. Tons of eBooks, movies, TV shows, video games, and software are up for grabs. Peer to peer connections such as torrent websites has risen to prominence in the last decade.

These websites offer a host of downloadable content under one umbrella. However, these websites have faced the grunt of legal action due to copyright issues. Please understand that we do not endorse piracy, avoid downloading copyrighted material.

The vast quantity of data makes it hard for websites to regulate or monitor their content. This means that privileged material may be hosted or distributed via their network.

Several websites have been taken down and strict action is taken against users as well. However, with NORDVPN you need not worry about privacy breaches and your online security. With this service you can stream the internet safely and access torrent websites without hassle.

Since websites are consistently being taken down, mirrors or clone sites are incessantly popping up from every nook and corner. RARBG was no exception, although mirror sites exist, one must still find better alternatives. Luckily we have a bunch of them.

Top 10 Best RARBG Torrent Alternatives That Work In 2020

Before proceeding further, please note that torrents often hop domains, i.e. their addresses get changed. This is because of the aforementioned issues. To access a site, Google the name instead of typing in the URL. This list is a result of tireless research, testing, comparing, and reviewing. The following are 10 of the finest RARBG Torrent alternatives available on the internet.

Kickass Torrents Clones


No sooner was the original Kickass Torrents website taken down that mirrors sprang up from every quarter. For those who don’t know, Kickass Torrents was among the leading torrent sites and hosted a vast collection of files, ranging from songs to the latest video games.

The site, however, came under attack from authorities and was subsequently taken down on charges of copyright infringement and violation.

This provided an excellent opportunity for copy-cats to be set free. These mimics are indeed as good as the original and may even add new features to improve on the standard template. KickassTorrents.to or simply KAT was first in line and remains true to the original design.

It, however, adds new torrents frequently to its repository. Whether it be the latest videogames or that memorable song from high school, it has it all.

KAT.am also stays true to the original framework and does not attempt to innovate.

One great feature though is the vast community that can help make an informed choice. KAT.sx makes choosing easier by adding briefs with torrent files, making it easier for you to choose or avoid a file.

It also offers sorting and filtering options that aid users in streaming through the site’s inventory. Last but not the least, the site verifies torrents to ascertain that they are not malware.


  • Inspired by the original

  • New content added

  • Multiple clones offer multiple features


The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is also a contender for the top position in P2P sites. The name perfectly reflects the notoriety of the site. It dances around the legal system, hopping domains to evade lawsuits.

The website has a vast repertoire of files including audio, video, software, iso, RAR, zip, and so on. The website has gone through a great deal, it has been blocked in several regions and shut down on several occasions.

If a torrent site is blocked in your country, fret not, a VPN will get you right past the blockade.

All this domain hopping also means that the website changes its URL often, and hence it is best to simply Google it. Its interface is designed to offer simplicity and functionality in one bundle.

The site is easily navigable and its search tool is quite effective. The sheer variety of stuff offered is unparalleled.


  • Very famous

  • Hosts millions of torrent files

  • Might be banned in your country




The original torrentz was a titanic force on the internet. It did not host any torrents itself but did search for them all over the web. Its namesake, torrentz2, takes up after the concept perfectly.

In essence, it is a search engine for torrents. It displays all available torrents on various websites that match the user’s search query. This way, it acts as a one-stop destination for torrenters.

It saves you the hassle of fumbling around the online world, searching your way through one site after another. The design is very much the same as the original and the search engine works flawlessly.


  • A one-stop search engine for all torrents

  • Can find even the oldest available torrents

  • Saves you the hassle of visiting individual websites

  • Especially useful for new users who don’t know where to search for their target torrent




YTS.mx is a copy-cat of the YIFY website and just like its inspiration, it is a video-based site. It hosts tons of movies, sitcoms, TV shows, and documentaries.

It taps into the functions of its defunct predecessor and boasts a huge library of videos in HD quality. Most torrents tend to stretch the bandwidth and make the connection slower but YTS circumvents this issue via compression of data packets.

This assures that download speed would not be capped and file transfer would proceed unabated. The website warns users to visit only via a VPN, so as not to cause or be caught in any trouble.


  • Hosts only movies, TV shows, videos, etc.

  • Offers reviews and IMDb ratings for movies

  • High picture quality


ExtraTorrent Mirror


ExtraTorrent was another giant of the torrent world and was toppled over because of that. However, extratorrent.ag is a perfect mirror of the defunct site and functions just as good as it did.

It promises a great deal in terms of content quality and diversity. Despite a bland user interface, the content offered is paralleled only by other top contenders. The website also kills off those annoying pop-up ads and hosts a self-help blog for your assistance.


  • Top contender

  • Tons of content, both new and old

  • Popularity is increasing rapidly


EZTV Torrent



If it sounds like “easy TV”, that’s because this is what it does. EZTV Torrent has filled the void left by the original EZTV and has done so flawlessly. Like YTS, this site is also video-oriented, never hurts to have a backup.

Sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men or the highly acclaimed Big Bang Theory, can all be found here. Movies, both timeless classics and modern abound the realm and are up for grabs. Just like YTS though, it warns you to use a VPN before accessing it.


  • A backup for YTS

  • An expansive collection of videos of all sorts

  • Wide variety of content


Zooqle Mirror


Zooqle is for all the videogame fans out there. Though it does host all sorts of content, videogames shine out the most. With retro-gaming websites like Emuparadise under constant legal bombardment, Zooqle provides a haven for ROM libraries.

Every title ranging from the original Alone in the Dark to the latest Resident Evil 3 HD Remake is featured on the site. A huge seeder population helps bolster the site’s functionality. Please note that the original site was taken down and this is a mirror, you can google it.


  • Evolves consistently

  • Vast retro-game library

  • Hosts other media too


Lime Torrents


Limetorrents is a community-driven torrent network and serves excellently as a substitute for top sites. Community vigilance almost zeroes out the chances of downloading malware.

Constant seeding assures better downloads. It lacks older data files but new ones are added constantly, the site is moving towards the top position.


  • Driven by community

  • Low risk of contracting malware

  • Consistent and fast downloads




1337x welcomes users with a beautiful user interface and its search engine is just as effective as it is pleasant to the eye. It conveniently divides up data into nine categories and has a vast collection for each.

Movies and TV shows are quite abundant on the site and can be accessed with ease.

It also keeps away annoying pop-ups and reduces ads. The site often jumps from one domain to another to avoid a Google search ban.


  • Unparalleled tracker

  • Categorical arrangement of data

  • Decent TV shows and movies collection




The best part about TorrentDownloads is it’s neat and sorted data compilation. It does not add unnecessary phrases to the title, hence making it easier to find stuff.

It has gained a mass following and attracted restrictions and bans in several countries. If your country has banned the site, you can still stream it unabated with NORDVPN. And it’s worth it as it contains some of the rarest gems on the internet.


  • Data is neat and organized

  • Searching is convenient

  • If you can’t find something elsewhere, you will here


Risks of Torrenting

Media distribution and copyright protection laws have been bolstered to fight piracy. Torrent sites tend to take the brunt of the force in this regard. Many sites have been taken down and others are operating under dire circumstances.

Legal action is complicated, technically torrenting itself is not illegal but downloading and distributing privileged material is.

Unless the developers of software or the owner of a certain data give explicit permission, one cannot distribute their intellectual property. This is called piracy. Certain files however can be shared because the authors allow that or because they are long dead (in which case the file is said to be in the public domain).

Since it is hard, in fact near impossible, to go through the licensing of such a vast library of data, torrents intentionally or unintentionally host pirated material. It is up to you to check the licensing of a file before downloading it, lest it gets you in trouble with your ISP.

Another problem with torrent sites is the distribution of malware and defective files. While the latter is merely a disappointment, the former can do serious damage. Such attacks are quite common and the perpetrators are assured of a target amidst such heavy traffic of users.

Seeding is another major concern. Since torrents are peer-to-peer connections, a file must be uploaded just as much as it is downloaded. Several torrents are rendered obsolete because some selfish users download them but do not consider it worthwhile to upload it back.

Torrenting has a myriad of issues associated with it, but need not sweat with NORDVPN, more on that later.

FAQ Section

What to do if a torrent site is blocked in my country?

Oftentimes, complications lead to regional bans of websites, which can make them inaccessible even if they are on the internet. If that’s the issue, a VPN service like NORDVPN can easily allow you to bypass this turn of events.

What is the benefit of using a VPN?

The Internet poses many dangers. It is filled with spying eyes and hackers stalking for an unwary victim. Torrent websites attract huge traffic driven by their problems. This is where these hackers disguise their trap like the solution and then spring it to attack.

VPNs not only keep your online activity veiled from these prying eyes, but it also helps you avoid contracting malware.

What is the legal stance of torrent sites? Can I be penalized for using torrents?

Torrenting is not illegal, but since many websites host copyrighted material, it creates problems.

If you are caught using a torrent illegally, even unintentionally, you may get in serious trouble. Your internet service provider can charge you a heavy fine and disconnect your net. Use a VPN to avoid such issues.

How does a VPN protect my privacy? What if I don’t use one?

On the internet, there is no such thing as privacy. With thousands of prying eyes keenly fixated on your activity, you can never be alone. A VPN, however, can veil your online presence and keep you safely away from these spies.

The idea is to keep your business to yourself without anyone else’s involvement.

What is the true potential of a VPN? How does it save my devices?

A VPN is more than just a veil, it is a shield. It can do so much more than just grant you unabated access and privacy. It secures your system from all sorts of cyber-attacks and frauds. Malware, Trojans, viruses and bugs abound the ranks of torrents. Despite ceaseless efforts from the website community to purge their hub from such malice, they continue to pollute. A VPN secures you from these attacks, hence keeping your system and your privacy safe.

How can malware damage my device?

Once downloaded, a malware will quickly disguise itself and then proceed with the assault. It will cause slowdowns, crashes, and even download other malicious content without your consent. In extreme cases, your private information such as bank account details may be exploited.

Does VPN slow down the connection speed?

On the contrary. VPN can make your connection stable by preventing throttling. When you download torrents, your ISP throttles or intentionally slows down your connection. However, not with a VPN, because it will keep your information private and prevent throttling. So in a way, a VPN will keep your connection from slowing down.

How does a VPN veil my online presence?

Your online presence is traceable with your IP address. This address is like a fingerprint and will be followed up to every site you visit without a VPN. On peer-to-peer connections, your IP address is especially vulnerable. What a VPN does is it switches your IP address with another one from its repository, making it impossible for you to be traced. This veils your online persona and hides your trace marks.

Which VPN service do you recommend and why?

We prefer the internationally acclaimed NORDVPN, because of its unparalleled features such as:

  • Guaranteed privacy

  • Tons of servers located in multiple countries, allowing the user to freely access the net

  • Anti-spy features keep you hidden from prying eyes

  • Secures your online presence and your system

  • Counters annoying ads and malware with its built-in blocker

  • Hides your IP address history, keeping you away from hassles with your ISP

  • They provide 24/7 customer support over phone and email


The download stability and the ability to pause-resume have made torrent clients a lucrative stop on the internet. Despite the convenience of finding all sorts of data under one umbrella, the threat of legal technicalities and contracting cyber-attacks is imminent.

To visit these sites safely, it is recommended to use a VPN service like NORDVPN to safeguard yourself from all online threats. These websites have a great deal to offer, do check them out, and stay safe.