12 Best Kickass Torrents Alternative That Work & How To Access Them Safely

Let’s be straight when it comes to software, video games, movies or songs, we have to have them all. Torrent websites gained a huge following in recent decades owing to the vast library of available media and an ever-expanding pool of contributors.

While some of these websites are legal as they host material that is licensed as either “creative commons share alike” or “public domain”, others go bold and give you all that you want. Before you read on, we must stress that we do not endorse or advocate piracy.

If you’re streaming torrents, VPNs such as NORDVPN will come in handy. All torrent sites advocate their use to safeguard you from malware and spying eyes.

VPNs allow you to stream the internet unabated by the restrictions set in your region and keep you free from hassles with your ISP. A few dollars a month is far better than having to pay the exorbitant fines if you get caught embroiled in a torrenting issue.

Our favorite is NORDVPN and we suggest that you should try it out.

Back to torrents. With the fall of Kickass Torrents when servers were taken down on charges of copyright infringement, the want of an equally competent alternative has skyrocketed. We don’t have an alternative, luckily, we have twelve!

Top 12 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives That Work, 2020

After much streaming and testing, we’ve narrowed down our choices to the following:



It takes a great deal to be one of the most popular torrent sites globally. Despite facing many ordeals over the years, such as several blocks and shutdowns, the website continues to operate. An ever-expanding pool of contributors and downloaders have transformed the website into a bustling hub of data traffic.

The domains tend to change, as the website hops from one to the other, to evade legal charges. However, as the euphemistic saying goes, “Google is your friend”. Simply googling the website is the best way to approach it with this domain shift hassle in place.

In addition to the bulk of data hosted on the website, the best feature of the site is it’s easy to use interface. The website is especially easy to navigate and its effective search tool makes finding torrents easier.

Its notorious hide-and-seek policy has led it to be banned in various areas of the world. But NORDVPN can grant you unhindered and safe access to the site.


  • Most popular

  • Vast torrent library

  • Banned in some countries


Kickass Torrents Clones


The original Kickass Torrents website inspired many copy-cats. KAT or KickassTorrents.to pioneered this move and is active even today. Not only has the interface retained most features of the original, but it also boasts much of the original library with new content being added every day.

All sorts of data, including your favorite films to the most memorable retro-game collection, can be accessed and downloaded from here.

KAT.am on the other hand did not attempt to reinvent the wheel and instead copied everything from the original. The torrents are categorically arranged, and an active community makes it easier to choose better.

KAT.sx stays mostly true to the original design but adds up helpful information regarding torrents. Sorting and filtering options allow the user to surf through millions of torrents effortlessly. Best of all, it excels in verifying the contents of torrents, saving you from potential malware.


  • Similar to the original

  • Add variety

  • Old plus new torrents featured




Once a titan of the torrent world, Torrentz.eu was taken down for hosting privileged content. However its namesake, aptly named Torrentz2.eu stepped in to fill the void. The website, like its predecessor, does not host torrents but serves as a “one-stop” for all providers. It links up users with multiple websites, allowing them to choose from a host of different options. In this manner, it acts like a torrent search engine. It stays true to the original design and perfectly emulates the functionality of its predecessor. This website is a repository of all kinds of torrents, even the older ones.


  • Torrent search engine

  • One-stop destination

  • Hooks up with several torrent providers


ExtraTorrent Mirror


Re-launched with a new URL, extratorrent.ag, this BitTorrent website is a promising contender online. It boasts new and improved features and a huge selection of torrents. Despite a less eye-catching interface, the website is quite functional and hosts all sorts of files.

The website also excels in competition with no pop-ups or ads and the inclusion of a self-help blog about online privacy. Of course with a VPN, you never have to worry about privacy in the first place.


  • Mirrors of the original site

  • New content added to the old one

  • Highly popular



yts mx

If you want to download movies in HD quality, YTS is your place. Taking up features from the now-defunct YIFY torrents, the website boasts an unparalleled collection of movies.

It also comes in handy with those with low bandwidths, as the website compresses its contents for easy streaming. The best part is the specialization of the website, instead of covering a wide array of digital media, it focuses primarily on video.

Movies and TV series of all sorts are accessible here in HD quality. However, to safely access the site and avoid trouble with the site, using a VPN is a must, it even warns users as such.


  • Video-oriented

  • Movies plus reviews

  • HD quality results


Torlock (Mirror)


Torlock offers an unparalleled user experience and an expansive collection of latest movies, music, anime, and eBooks among other things. With over 4.8 million torrents to choose from, Torlock can easily claim to be one of the biggest torrent libraries globally.

It also boasts content that is hard to find elsewhere. The website blends ease of operation and a variety of material to choose from to give their users a service like none else.


  • Huge torrent library

  • Contains hard to find content

  • Ease of operation


Zooqle Mirror


Do you like video games? Then Zooqle is the site for you. With a vast library of retro and modern video games ranging from titles like street fighter to Battlefield 1, gamers will not be disappointed.

It also boasts an expansive collection of movies and TV shows. Contributors and fans alike have helped bolster the website’s services and seed torrents more and more. It offers ease of operation although lags a bit behind in the interface, which is a bit outdated.


  • Constantly evolving

  • Expansive video game collection

  • Recent launch; more likely to pick up on safety protocols


EZTV Torrent


After the fall of EZTV, a clone site named EZTV Torrent has stepped in to operate in the niche. The site mainly offers movies, TV shows, sitcoms, and other videos for download. Whether it be classics like FRIENDS or recent hits like The Game of Thrones, this website has it all. Just like YTS, EZTV Torrent specializes in the media niche, allowing it to offer a better service in that area. However, for security reasons, the website does warn users to use a VPN.


  • Video oriented

  • Movies, TV shows and sitcoms available

  • Complements YTS




1337x has an unexcelled search option allowing the user to navigate through a sea of torrents. A recent overhaul and revamping has allowed the site to shed off many of the former security risks. Movie categories are also very expansive, engulfing timeless classics and Oscar winners alike. The site is also welcoming in eliminating many pop-ups and with fewer ads. It is one of the most popular torrent websites online at the moment. The site has switched ships with the domain to prevent a Google search ban.


  • Unparalleled search option

  • Great movie collection

  • Quite famous




RARBG offers several perks such as news and reviews in addition to the wide range of downloadable materials. A huge pool of seeders ensures that even the older torrents are easily downloadable. The categorization of content into the top ten(s) is also an attractive feature. Several countries such as Saudi Arabia, UK, and Australia have blocked access to the site. But you can access it freely via NORDVPN.


  • Offers news and reviews

  • Lists top ten(s)

  • Great library of downloadable content


Lime Torrents


Limetorrents is a decent alternative to top torrent sites, although it does lag behind in features. The site is community-based and hosts torrents only if they are approved by the community. This eliminates, or at least minimizes, the risk of downloading malware or faulty data. Download speeds are decent owing to a large number of seeders, however, older torrents are lacking. The major plus point is its excellent tracker which allows you to easily find torrents and download them. New torrents are consistently being added, and the community continues to expand day by day.


  • Community based

  • Safer downloads

  • Decent download speed




This is a high-profile torrent library with a tidy and organized data set. This means that finding your desired torrent should not be a problem at all. But its popularity has attracted the attention of law enforcement and is currently banned in several countries. Not to fret because any VPN can grant you unhindered access to it. It hosts some of the rarest old software and eBooks not available elsewhere. It is the site to turn to when all else fails you.


  • Clean data set

  • Easy to search

  • Last resort


Problems Associated With Torrents

The rise of torrent websites was not without its pitfalls. As media distribution laws gained momentum and tracking services came on the frontline, the law enforcement struck back.

Myriads of websites were shut down and many lawsuits are in progress. Another deterrent is the threat of contracting malicious software and being hacked by predators looming such websites. Viruses, Trojans, and malware are quite common in such websites, as their creators are assured of a possible target.

Copycat and duplicate websites continue to pop up to replace such fallen brands, the result is rarely the same. It takes time to build up the same level of traffic, contributors, and safety.

Torrents are only as good as they are seeded, meaning that they must be uploaded as much as downloaded. Most websites fail to provide sufficient seeders, crippling the download speeds. Torrenting is convenient but not without its hassles and can get you into trouble if you’re not careful.

Torrenting – A Legal Stance & The Role Of VPN Services

A large number of countries are banning torrent websites. This may mislead you into thinking that all forms of torrenting is illegal. But that is not the case. Torrenting itself is not illegal but downloading or distributing copyrighted material is.

Seeding material within licenses such as “creative commons share alike” or “public domain” is acceptable. But accessing privileged material is not.

However, since it is hard to monitor online traffic so closely, many countries have resolved to ban torrent sites altogether. This means that even the legal content is locked away and is inaccessible despite being on the internet.

To bypass these unfair bans, you can use VPN services like NORDVPN. These tools ensure that your internet presence remains private and that you get complete access to it.

FAQ Section

  1. Why should I use a VPN?

The internet is not safe. Not only are there prying eyes everywhere, but hackers also stalk the realm for their next prey. Torrent websites are hubs for people seeking solutions, and these predators often disguise their weapons as such. This is where VPNs kick in. Not only does a VPN safeguard your online presence, but it also keeps it concealed from all peeping Toms.

  1. Is using torrent websites illegal?

Torrenting is not illegal but torrent websites tend to take the hit when it comes to copyright protection. This is because it is hard to verify whether a site hosts such material or not. If such is the case in your country, then a VPN can provide you unhindered access to the site. It helps bypass such restrictions and allows you to enjoy complete access to the internet.

  1. What is meant by privacy protection and how does VPN help in that area?

What you search for on the internet is your business and yours alone. VPNs make sure that it stays this way. They prevent privacy breaches and ensure that you are not spied upon. If by accident you download copyrighted material, fret not, the VPN won’t let anyone incriminate you for a mistake. With a VPN by your side, you can sigh in relief that your online presence is safe.

  1. Can VPN safeguard my system?

Yes indeed. Malware and Trojans sneak inside your system through a disguised download. This software are quite abundant on the internet. Despite tireless efforts from the site moderators, they continue to pose a threat to surfers.

Once inside your system, the malware hides safely and then springs into action. It causes system crashes, slowdowns, downloads stuff without your approval, and destroys your computer entirely. The more dangerous kind can even peek at privileged information such as your banking details, putting you in a vulnerable state. VPNs are adept at countering such malicious software through their built-in malware blockers.

  1. Does VPN improve my connection’s speed?

In a way yes, it prevents throttling. Throttling is the intentional slowing down of your internet by your ISP. Normally torrenting is associated with such slowdowns as it takes up a great deal of bandwidth.

This is a cue for your ISP about your torrenting activity and they reduce your connection speed. Seems unfair? That’s because it is. You’ve paid for the connection and have every right to use it however you wish within legal bounds. And you can do just that with a VPN, because it masks your activity and delivers the privacy you deserve.

  1. What is an IP address and how does a VPN secure it?

Your IP address is visible and traceable on peer-to-peer connections such as that of torrent sites. This can get you in trouble if there are some legal technicalities associated with the website.

It also exposes you to cyber-attacks, which can get pretty nasty if you use online banking services. What a VPN does here is to allot a unique IP address from its repository, so that your actual credentials are masked.

  1. What is your recommendation regarding VPNs?

Our preference is NORDVPN because it is a worldwide trusted software and has unparalleled features such as:

  • Privacy guaranteed

  • Hosts 5500+ VPN servers in 59 countries

  • Keeps you veiled from prying eyes

  • Provides a secure online presence

  • Say goodbye to annoying ads and malware

  • Keeps your IP address and history to yourself

  • Customer support available 24/7


Torrenting is convenient, it allows you to access tons of data at one stop. Downloading via torrent clients is also preferable over conventional browser-download service for large data files. However legal and cyber-safety issues pose an imminent threat to users.

These dangers are real and cannot be undermined. To be truly safe online, not only on torrent websites but on the internet as a whole, a VPN service is a necessity. NORDVPN will allow you to safely access these 12 best torrent sites and use them without any issue.