10 Best Zooqle Alternatives 2020 (That Actually Work) and How to Access Them Safely

Although streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, etc. seem to be the latest craze when it comes to online streaming, many folks still prefer torrenting for downloading music, movies, and television shows.

Torrents are an excellent alternative to Blue-Rays, CDs, and DVDs, but due to its file-sharing methods, it has acquired a bad media reputation. Several popular torrent websites have been shut down in the past and continue to do so.

However, as torrenting gains popularity, many new websites have emerged that are better and faster than their predecessors; some of them are safe, others are not. We recommend always using a secure VPN service like NordVPN to get the best out of your torrenting experience by securing and protecting your connection.

Zooqle is a popular torrent website featuring more than 2200 trackers and 3.5M torrents, and a massive user base.

It is an incredible website that provides free torrents for the latest television series, movies, music, PDFs, games, and software, all ready and available for download. As great and as that sounds, many ISPs have banned access to Zooqle due to strict piracy and copyright laws, and this often leads to the website being unavailable for many users.

If you are unable to access Zooqle, don’t worry. We compiled a list of 10 awesome websites that work and are just as good as Zooqle.

The 10 Best Zooqle Alternative Websites

There is a huge variety of torrenting websites available on the internet, all claiming to be the best, but only a few of these websites deserve this title. We compiled the 10 best torrent sites available on the internet right now.



The Pirate Bay, based in Seychelles, is one of the top leading torrent websites currently, allowing users to access and download innumerable shared files, including music, movies, television shows, and software.

This non-profit organization was originally founded in 2003 by Swedish activists and has been able to survive and function for a long time, and it surprisingly continues to do so.

The Pirate Bay is popular due to its highly user-friendly and basic design, along with its massive collection of about a million torrents. With such a simple interface, it is incredibly easy to navigate and search for files.

Even though many ISPs have blocked access to the website, it is safely accessible when using a secure VPN like NordVPN. The Pirate Bay website can go offline from time-to-time. Luckily, the website’s always-online technology can still grant you access to the website. You can also look for a Pirate Bay Proxy website online.



Originated in 2008, RARGB has gained quite a reputation due to its user-friendly design and high-quality torrents. RARGB features an active community and several seeders to provide an impressive library of old and new torrents available for fast download.

It offers a massive collection of torrents, organized into several categories to help you navigate through the website effortlessly.

You will find something worthwhile to watch here. The website also offers news, reviews, and other movie and television show related information. It is important to note that RARBG has been banned in many countries such as the UK, Denmark, and Bulgaria, but a VPN for torrenting can help you access the website easily and safely.

It is one of the oldest torrent websites that are still relatively popular nowadays.



1337X ranked third as the most popular website for torrenting in 2018. It was established in 2007 and provides users with torrent files and magnet links for easy P2P file-sharing. The original website underwent some major renovations and upgrades and now introduces many new features, including a basic interface with an improved layout and advanced security options that eliminate many security risks.

The website features a vast collection of content that is available for download, including games and ebooks.

The content is organized by type to allow easy navigation. The website is so popular that google had to ban it from its search engine after a complaint was filed by Feelgood Entertainment.

Consequently, the site had to change its domain name to avoid this ban. Presently, it uses the .to domain as the main site and .se domain when the site is unavailable.



TorLock offers a broad collection of torrents and a remarkable user experience, especially if you are on the lookout for anime and online reading material. The best thing about TorLock is that it offers only verified torrents.

This greatly reduces the chance of finding malware or other malicious content on the website.

Even more so, if you happen to come across an unverified torrent, TorLock will pay you. It has such an extensive torrent library displaying some content that is difficult to locate on other trackers. TorLock allows you to download healthy torrents at an incredibly fast speed.

All of these awesome features combined make TorLock one of the best torrenting websites on the internet. If you are looking for a safe and user-friendly torrenting website, TorLock is the best option for you.


yts mx

If you are a true movie buff, then YTS is the best option for you. Discover old-time classics and remarkable unseen works on YTS. YTS started as YIFY, a series of popular torrent websites that published high-quality content.

It is designed for cinema lovers with an impressive collection of movies and television shows of all genres. You will certainly find works here that you won’t find on other websites.

YTS is the best option for people with limited bandwidth because it compresses torrents, allowing you to watch HD content easily. The website has changed its domain name several times and currently runs from YTS.am.

It has been banned in many countries due to its growing popularity, but it still has a wide fan base due to its high-quality content. The website boasts a spectacular layout and a user-friendly design with various titles that make navigation super-efficient. YTS only offers torrent files for movies, and you won’t find games, music, or television shows here.



After the popular website Torrentz was shut down in 2016, an official clone website, Torrentz2, emerged. Torrentz2 does not host any torrent files, but it works like a search engine to look for other torrent trackers.

Torrentz indexed about sixty million torrent files and provided several trackers for each file, which allowed different trackers to take over in case the default tracker crashed.

It used to be the second most popular torrenting website on the internet. It’s clone website, Torrentz2 contains all the features of the original website, including its minimalist user-interface, but there have been changes made in magnet links.

The website primarily focuses on music, and it is ideal for audiophiles with an extensive library of music. You will find all new and old music releases on this website. If you are looking for content that is outdated or relatively obscure, Torrentz2 is the perfect torrenting website for you.



Even though it has stirred up quite a mess in the past, EZTV still remains one of the best torrent websites when it comes to television shows. It has a wide user base due to its impressive collection of television series; from the latest hits to old classic shows, EZTV has everything that has been aired on television.

The website has a basic and convenient interface and allows you to browse through categories easily. All television shows have their own main page with a list of all episodes available for download.

The interface might seem outdated, but it serves as an efficient aid in browsing. EZTV has raised some privacy and security concerns in the past, which lead to a decrease in its credibility. However, the website clearly warns users to use a VPN service to access the website.

A secure VPN will allow you to access EZTV safely.



Torrentdownloads is very popular due to its extremely well-organized and tidy layout and interface. It originated in 2007 and has been gaining users ever since, housing more than sixteen million torrents.

It has a huge variety of content ranging from movies, television shows, music, games, and ebooks, etc. The website hosts a very simple and easy-to-use layout with all content organized, respectively, making it very easy to navigate through.

Moreover, the website features advanced search options that allow users to find files faster.

Users can also rate files and leave comments for other potential users. It is important to note that Torrentdownloads is banned in many countries, and users could face dire consequences if caught.

Using an appropriate VPN is crucial when using such websites and can secure and protect your information and data.



LimeTorrents was founded in 2009, and it still is a decent alternative to your favorite torrenting websites. It does not host files but rather acts as a torrent search engine.

The website features a basic easy-to-use user-interface and hosts many torrents from reliable trackers. The layout is well-organized and convenient for users. The website is frequently updated with new content with several seeders and fast speeds.

LimeTorrents only features torrents that have been approved by a large number of users. It hosts an extensive collection of movies, television shows, games, including the latest releases.

However, the website does have some shortcomings like bad torrent health, old forgotten torrent files, and low seed numbers. However, it still works efficiently as an alternative to Zooqle and similar websites.

It is at the end of this list due to its inconsistencies and downtimes, and we prefer using it as a back up when your favorite torrent website is down.


Torrents.io, a meta-search engine, attracts an incredible shoot in traffic as users visit the website to download a variety of torrents. It is one of the best alternative websites to Kickass Torrents and Zooqle.

The website has a massive torrent database that can easily be downloaded. It allows you to download television shows, movies, and several other kinds of entertainment content.

The website’s main page features visual representations of trending and popular torrents in categories, allowing you to browse through numerous options.

It is important to note that Torrents.io allows you to explore other torrent websites without having to search for a particular torrent. Torrent.io is one of the most helpful and convenient search engines for torrent files. We recommend using a secure VPN like NordVPN to secure and protect your connection when accessing Torrents.io.

Reasons Why You Should Always Use VPN For Torrenting

Due to P2P file-sharing, any file you download could potentially contain viruses and malware. Your data and online activity are perceptible to being intercepted or tracked when you use such websites.

This makes it extremely easy for cybercriminals to upload malware content, steal IP addresses, and even monitor your connection.

If you do not take necessary precautions while torrenting, you could face extreme consequences such as copyright infringement, hefty fines of about $200,000, and even official arrests.

The only way to have a safe and helpful torrenting experience is to use a secure VPN connection. We recommend using one of the best VPNs, NordVPN. With as many as 2,600 servers meant for torrenting that optimize your downloading speed, and intricate data encryption to keep you safe from data stealers and trackers, NordVPN is assuredly one of the best VPNs out there.

Here are some major reasons why you should always use NordVPN when downloading or uploading torrent files:

NordVPN can bypass torrent bans

Possible copyright infringements often result in torrenting sites being blocked in countries. If you reside in one of these countries or are traveling to one, you will not be able to access torrenting websites unless you use a VPN.

In 2018, Australia’s Federal Court ordered ISPs to block more than a hundred pirate domains. If you live in Australia, there is no other way for you to torrent other than using a VPN.

A VPN works by bypassing these blockages to connect you to a server in another country, making it appear like you are accessing the website from another country and finally giving you access to the website.

Choose a VPN with a wide server network to connect to the required servers. A good VPN such as NordVPN can also bypass government firewalls and allow you to access restricted content.

NordVPN protects data activity

There is no guarantee of what you are getting when you are torrenting. If you accidentally download copyrighted material, you could face legal consequences such as hefty fines and arrests if the download traces back to you. VPNs encrypt traffic and mask your IP address, so your torrenting activity remains private and anonymous.

Torrenting files may contain malicious content like viruses and other malware that could potentially harm your device. Hackers can easily access your IP address, data, location, and other confidential information.

VPNs make it impossible for hackers to intercept data and infecting devices with malware. VPN encryption makes your data and activity unreadable, and your masked IP address makes it look like you are torrenting in a different region.

NordVPN protect against malware

Similar to accidentally downloading copyrighted material, you can also download files with malware by mistake. Malicious software is hidden inside files and appears as legitimate content, so you do not realize you have been infected.

Once inside your device, malware is proficient in hiding itself, and grants access to your personal information, including your location and bank details to their creators.

The best VPNs have built-in malware blockers that identify and block suspicious and malicious websites. Thus, allowing you to download only legitimate and safe torrent files.

NordVPN prevents throttling

Torrenting consumes a lot of bandwidth, and ISPs automatically throttle your connection if they suspect torrenting activity. This can greatly reduce your connection and download speed. VPNs encrypt traffic and mask IP addresses to hide online activity from ISPs. The ISP will be unable to detect torrenting and not throttle your connection


  • Can you download torrents on iPhones?

Apple’s security prevents you from downloading torrent files on your device, but you can download files from third-party websites.

  • Is torrenting legal?

Torrenting itself is legal, but torrenting copyrighted material is strictly illegal. Your ISPs monitors your online activity and can detect torrenting, which could lead to legal involvement. We recommend using a secure VPN.

  • What is the punishment for torrenting?

If your download contains copyrighted content, you can face legal issues like fines and even arrests. Nothing happens if you download non-copyrighted content

  • How to speed up torrenting?

Some VPNs such as NordVPN include features that increase torrenting speed, deliver faster downloads and a stable connection.


If you are looking for torrents to download, this list features the best torrenting websites on the internet right now. All of them have impressive libraries full of capable content to offer. Nevertheless, if you value your privacy and safety, you must use a secure VPN while torrenting.