10 BEST Torrentz2 Alternatives That Work & How To Access Them Safely

The internet is a conglomerate of global data. Endless streams of files swim around in this massive pool and though the prospect for unlimited access is tempting, there are pitfalls.

Yet the rise of the internet took our lives by storm and nary a person is unfamiliar with the term “Google”. Whether it is a digital copy of a rare book that you seek or if you’re after a timeless classic Hollywood motion picture, the internet has it all.

Torrent websites and bit-torrent clients have amassed a huge following in this regard and have attracted severe controversy too. These websites offer a single stop for all of your internet needs, allowing you to access tons of data from a single portal and to download it from a peer-to-peer connection.

Before we proceed further, however, we wish to make it clear that we do not encourage or endorse piracy or copyright infringement of any sort. Since the bulky streams of data, that abound these websites, are hard to regulate and monitor, these platforms often find themselves on thin ice.

Several reputable websites such as and YIFY were taken down because users abused the platform and shared privileged data. With such legal complications and the risks of hackers and malware lurking on every corner of the internet, the use of VPN services has also gained popularity.

Verily it is true that spending a minor sum on this software is far better than facing the severe repercussions of unprotected internet use.

Our Picks For Top 10 Torrentz2 Alternatives That Work & How To Access Them

The torrenting boom was spearheaded by, a torrent search engine. This website was itself not a torrent-hosting spot but instead helped users in locating relevant torrents from all over the wide internet.

The website, however, was taken down on charges of copyright infringement and legal action may also be taken against its clone site torrentz2 for the same reasons.

In case, such a thing happens, we’ve prepared a top 10 list for the best torrentz2 alternatives that are out there. To access these sites, always google the site name.

This is to avoid inconvenience as the sites often jump domains to evade legal action.

Kickass Torrents (Clone Sites)


Kickass Torrents was among the big players of the initial torrent boom. Its torrents appeared almost always on top of the torrentz search results.

Its victory soon turned pyrrhic and it was taken down over legal complications noted earlier. But whenever sites like these are taken down, it is not the end, as many clones rise to fill the void.

Among the several copycats set loose, we’ve chosen three of our top picks., also colloquially known as KAT remains the frontline player now. It copies elements from the original and adds several new features to the base framework.

Its vast library includes torrents from the original and constantly adds new ones too. It hosts a vast variety of content ranging from videogame to songs, and from movies to eBooks. is another contender, it does not reinvent the wheel but instead stays true to the original design., the third clone on our list, adds one helpful tweak to improve user experience. It adds a summary of the torrent contents alongside the file. The site also strives to verify its content and ensure that you do not download malware.


  • Based on the leading torrent website: Kickass

  • Host vast libraries of old and new content

  • Multiple copy-cats attempt to tweak and add upon the experience of the original


The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is a notorious top-ranking contender on the list. Its name flawlessly captures the controversy around it. As noted earlier, torrenting itself is not illegal but downloading privileged content is.

Boasting a vast repertoire of files including video games, software, ISOs, videos, and audio files, the website attracts a horde of users every day. Its fame and notoriety have led it to be banned in several websites.

If that’s the case in your country, you can use NORDVPN to access it safely and completely. The website has also changed its domains several times to escape a Google search ban. The best way to access is to google the site’s name. The site is simply crafted and has an unparalleled diversity of content.


  • It is still among the most famous torrenting sites online

  • It has a vast library of torrents

  • Its fame may have led it to be banned in your country



RARBG is another notable name in this list and includes several perks to improve user experience. Since P2P connections rely upon seeders to improve download speeds, this website has a vast pool of them to ensure that their torrents can easily be downloaded.

It also compiles its collections in the top ten lists and shares reviews of different files to help you make an informed choice. If the website is banned in your country, use NORDVPN to freely access it.


  • News and reviews help users make an informed choice

  • Top ten lists allow you to compare and choose the torrent of your choice

  • An expansive torrent library



yts mx

Inspired by the original YIFY, this movie streaming and downloading website is an all-time favorite. It curates and distributes titles ranging from the latest releases to timeless classics.

Apart from movies, it also hosts TV shows, sitcoms, documentaries, and assorted video-based content. It also reviews all content and links up with other reputable movie-ranking websites to help you make an informed choice.

The pool of seeders is expansive and there are primarily two qualities (both HD) for download options. The website bears a clear warning to users, asking them to use a VPN.


  • It is dedicated for video-based content like movies and TV shows

  • IMDb ratings and movie reviews help you make an informed choice

  • The videos have a decent HD quality


Extra Torrent (Mirror)


A mirror of the original, offers diverse content and has a vast library of torrent files. The user interface is a bit bland but the website packs a strong punch. Its content is paralleled by top contenders on this list and the website has amassed a huge following.

Another plus point of the website is to block annoying pop-up ads, the site also hosts a self-help blog to help you use it effectively and safely.


  • It parallels top contenders

  • It hosts an expansive content library, with both old and new content

  • It has amassed a huge following


EZTV Torrent


The site is aptly named, it is a mirror of the original EZTV, and is video-oriented much like YTS. It delivers an “easy TV” experience for its users and flawlessly emulates the strengths of its predecessor.

The website hosts a vast array of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sitcoms, and assorted video-based content. All sorts of titles are available here and if you can’t find something on YTS, you can always fall back to EZTV Torrent. The website clearly warns users to use a VPN.


  • You can use it as a backup for YTS

  • Vast video-based content

  • A huge variety of material is available here


Zooqle (Mirror)


For all the videogame aficionados out there, Zooqle is a paradise on the internet. It hosts a vast variety of content but lays special emphasis on video games.

It has a huge ROM library and ever since the fall of Emuparadise, the hub for retro gaming, the site has gained even more precedence. From old school titles like Street Fighter to the latest entries of Grand Theft Auto, this website has it all.

A huge pool of seeders also ensures better torrent quality. You can google the name to access the site.


  • Consistently adapting to the changing internet realm

  • Hosts an expansive retro-game collection

  • Other media is also included


Lime Torrents


Limetorrents outshine its community. It is a community-driven platform and excels at creating a cooperative environment. The risk of downloading malware is minimum and seeders are an all-time high. Though lacking in some older files, new torrents are added consistently.


  • Outshines with its community-driven framework

  • Chances of contracting malware are minimum

  • Downloads are fast and the speed remains consistent




1337x is perhaps the most attractive website in this list. Its clean and alluring interface charms the user at first sight. Appearance, however, is not what has earned the website a place on this list.

It excels with categorized and high-quality content. Like the all-time notorious “The Pirate Bay”, this website also jumps domains to avoid a Google search ban.


  • Great tracker, excellent for pinpointing required torrents

  • Data arranged in nine primary categories

  • Great movies, TV shows, sitcoms and documentaries collection




As evident from the reference picture, TorrentDownloads offers a neat and sorted collection of data. This means that searches are effective and there are no junk phrases in the content title.

Having amassed a huge visitor pool, the website attracted bans from various governments. If the website is down in your country, you can always access it with NORDVPN.


  • Files have neat titles and have been sorted correctly

  • Search option is effective and convenient

  • The site hosts data that is not accessible elsewhere


Torrenting is Risky

In recent decades, the fight against piracy has been taken to the next level. With the law set in place to protect intellectual property, downloading stuff from the internet is not an inconsequential thing.

Torrent sites have taken the brunt of this legal force, with many sites having been taken down. Technically torrenting itself is not illegal but with so much illegal content being posted online, torrent sites are treading on thin ice.

If a certain file is old enough, it may be in the public domain, this means that anyone can download and tweak it at will. Other files may be shared because the user allows so, these files have a creative commons license.

However, downloading a file that does not fall under these categories, without written permission from the author, is a serious crime. This is called piracy and it can have severe repercussions.

Even without knowing so, you may end up downloading something you were not supposed to. Or worse, you may fall prey to one of the many hackers and their malware that stalk the torrent’s realm.

To access these sites safely and to avoid getting into trouble with legal issues and with malware, use a VPN. We recommend the internationally acclaimed NORDVPN because we consider it to be the best.

FAQ Section

How to access a blocked torrent site?

Regional bans of torrenting sites is not uncommon. Although many sites successfully evade lawsuits, the controversy they stir can lead them to being banned in several countries. Accessing a banned site is otherwise risky and you may be penalized a bit with a VPN, you can access it unabated and safely.

Why should I invest in a VPN; what is in it for me?

The internet is a dangerous realm, hackers, spyware, malware, viruses, bugs, Trojans and similar threats lurk everywhere.

If you’re implicated in a piracy suit, even though you may have not intentionally downloaded a copyrighted item, the repercussions will be severe. Spending a few bucks on a VPN beats the hell out of doling out exorbitant fines.

Are torrents illegal, can I get into trouble if I use them?

Using a torrent site is not illegal, unless you download pirated material. Your internet service provider has access to information about your online presence and may penalize you for torrenting even if you did nothing wrong. It is best to access such sites with a VPN to save the hassle.

How does using and not using a VPN compare, privacy-wise?

Using the internet without a VPN is like working out in the open. Using a VPN, in contrast, is like working within the sanctuary of your home. A VPN keeps you safe from prying eyes and hides privileged information, which only interests you and no one else.

Can a VPN save my device? How exactly?

A VPN guards your device from malware like a shield. Cyber-crime is a major concern nowadays with the rise of hacking techniques. Online predators lurk in the shadows in pursuit of their next prey.

Identity theft, online banking fraud, and computer hacking are a handful of examples of the dangers that the internet poses. A VPN, however, shields you from downloading such harmful material and keeps your devices safe. With a VPN, your internet security, as well as the wellbeing of your devices, is guaranteed.

What if I accidentally download malware?

If downloaded, malware will conceal its presence and cause havoc. It will sabotage your system, slow it down, leak your privacy, and use its resources without your consent. In extreme cases, your bank details may be leaked and used for fraud or you may become another victim of identity theft.

How does a VPN affect my connection speed?

It doesn’t. It does make your speed consistent by preventing throttling. Whenever you download software via a torrent, your internet bandwidth experiences a spike. This is a cue for your ISP and they cut down your speed to deter torrenting. This is called throttling and is in a way “speed-theft”. A VPN, however, masks your online presence and prevents throttling.

Who is aware of my online presence and how does a VPN veil it?

Anyone can trace your online presence. While you’re on the internet, you can be traced via your IP address. Many sites even display your IP address to warn you of the potential dangers. A VPN veils your online presence by switching your actual IP address with one of the many in its repository. This way, your internet persona becomes a ghost, totally untraceable.

Why do you recommend NORDVPN so strongly?

It’s not just us, NORDVPN is internationally acclaimed, here’s why:

  • It offers guaranteed privacy for your online presence

  • It hosts a myriad of servers spread throughout the world to allow you unrestricted access to the internet

  • It keeps you away from spying eyes with its anti-spy software

  • It shields you and your system from all potential online risks

  • Its in-built ad-blocker and malware blocker gives you a smooth and safe internet ride


Torrent sites have gained an unprecedented following in recent years as their services evolve. Torrenting offers stable downloads and is preferred over conventional browser-based downloads for larger files.

But the escalating threat of privacy breaches and identity theft deter people from freely using the internet and torrent sites. This threat, however, can be neutralized, as emphasized multiple times, via a VPN service.